HTML coding on account profiles


The online game I partake in has the option of jazzing up your profile name with various colours and symbols…

I started this thread to ask for help with coding on Account Profiles…

Would like some help on better understanding HTML codes,
Mainly the ‘Star Symbol’ (not outline) and Smaller Fonts… I’ve looked these codes up but they don’t seem to work when entered…


Welcome to the forums, @txlondo.

Different forums use different approaches; some permit HTML, while others only allow BBCode or something similar.

Which forum are you talking about? If you could point us to an example of what you’re trying to achieve, it might help.


In this case the HTML coding is only used to decorate account names in the game Empires and Allies…

I.e. [#00FFFF]STAR[#808080]FRONT…

It’s quite popular…

OK. It’s not something I’m familiar with.

The example you posted isn’t HTML. HTML uses angled brackets - like this <p>. It might be BBCode, but it’s not a form I’m familiar with. Generally, you need an opening tag and a closing tag. So something like [color=#00FFFF]STAR[/color][color=#808080]FRONT[/color].

That would give you STARFRONT.

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It looks as though your game doesn’t use HTML at all, just hex colour codes. This page might help you.


Thanks for the link…

However only these HTML codes work on the name change option. The method demonstrated in your previous post I.e [colour] doesn’t work, but I recognise it from other games forums…

Can you supple me with the HTML code for Smaller fonts and the Star Symbol (Black star) I have found these codes but there not working?

As I’ve tried to explain, these are not HTML codes. I’m not sure what kind of code they are using, but it’s not HTML.

This may answer your question about the black star:★

I’m afraid I don’t understand the reference to Smaller fonts.

This code minus the hashtag creates the colour Cyan [#00FFFF],

Within this coding method could I you supply me with the code for a Black Star, (doesn’t have to be Black?) and the code which reduces the size of the font…


This coding is just colour coding. No idea how to get a star other than @TechnoBear’s suggestion.

If you look at the link I provided, it shows various ways of coding a black star, including an HTML entity. I can only suggest you try them to see which, if any, produce the result you want.

Typing &#9733; or &#x2605; should display ★ (without the need to use brackets of any kind).

In an older version of HTML, you could use “smaller” to reduce font size (long obsolete). Whether or not that would work for you, I’ve no idea.

The hex codes you are using for colours are just that - colours.

See, this is why I seeked support, I JUST tried these codes and they didn’t work? But other guys in the game are using them??

Maybe ask them how they do it?

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@Gandalf’s suggestion seems the most sensible. We’re not familiar with the coding method used, so all we can do is guess.

IIRC, BBCode uses numbers to indicate font size (as did obsolete HTML). You could try using something like [6] or maybe [10px] (adjust number to suit in the unlikely event that it actually works).

I just sent a request to those using one…

Think I’ll ask the developer what code the platform uses…

How would I ask them this?? What would be the best terms to use…

It might be simplest just to ask him how to do the formatting you want. If he gives you exact instructions - great. If he says “just use [insert code type]”, you’ll at least know what they’re using and we can take it from there.

With the information we have here; can you guide me to another forum that maybe specifically deals with codes of this type…

And what kind of question would I ask support about the coding format the game uses, would it be HTML or BBC???

I would try a gaming forum, perhaps one that deals with you specific game. Just tell them what you want to change your profile name to. Don’t mention HTML or BBcode - just tell them your intended end result.

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