HTML beginner guide

Need a good guide or online cookbook to start with HTML coding. Needed to develop a simple project for my business.

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One of the best site to learn HTML or for a site development a full guide is available on w3schools.

why do people keep recommending this outdated guide?

It is better than it was but the two guys who own it would each need to spend several dozen hours a day on it to keep it properly up to date.

Where only one or two people are looking after a web site you are better off choosing one that handles just the one topic you are after rather than one that covers dozens of topics - that way it is more likely to be up to date,

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It may be just about tolerable as a reference to individual HTML tags, but I don’t think you’ll learn much about building a site over there.

I worked my way through Matt West’s ‘HTML5 Foundations’ from Treehouse earlier this year. That takes you through the build process logically. You could try that, I thought it was a good book.

A number of our members have recommended over the years, and it looks pretty good to me.


Not one I’ve encountered before, but it looks promising.

One I haven’t been to in years, but it looks like it’s been kept up to date.
(it was one of my first go-to sites when I started to get away from copy-paste)

As a beginner i would advice you go thought with W3Schools and Tutorials Point hopefully it will help you a lot

I would advise avoiding that outdated site. The two guys that run it are unable to keep all the topics up to date. Most of the topics covered are ten to fifteen years out of date. The HTML part is not so bad but it is best to not get in the habit of using that mostly outddated resource…

Thanks. This helped me to start with

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