HTML and CSS project

Hello programmers,
Am new to this community and also new to coding. I started to work on a survey form project and am kinda stuck on positioning the items well
this is my project
and am required to come up with some similar to this

Hi abdulhamidruman, welcome to the forums!

Is this a school assignment with the html code not allowed to change and the task is to only use CSS to make the form similar?

Or is all code you have now your own making?

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its not a school assignment its just my own project

It looked like an exercise. And I found the html a bit ineffective, imho. :slight_smile:

Why are you trying to mimic the form you refer to?

Is it to learn how to make a form like that; or is it something you’re going to use eventually?

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it is a freecodecamp’s survey project

You said it was your project?

I’m just trying to understand what you want help to achive with the form. You already have the form source to study.

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okay thank you

I think I’ve not been of any help to you. :blush:

Could you please explain how the freeCodeCamp projects works in learning to code?

I don’t know anything about them at all, there are so many places to learn coding at. :slight_smile:

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