Html and css admin dashboard

Hello guys I want to make a simple dashboard with Html and Css without bootstrap. Any suggestion to go about it are welcome…Thanks in advance.

That is a very vague question - have you decided what you want on this dashboard? What will its functionality be? In very general terms -

  1. Decide exactly what content you want on this dashboard and what it will do - any navigation menus, calls to action, etc
  2. Make a wireframe showing the layout - position and relative size. of each element on the page
  3. Code your html based on the wireframe, using semantically correct tags and structure the html to allow you to have the layout you want.
  4. Build your css stylesheet to give you your desired layout, colour scheme and the finer details of the dashboard’s appearance.

This of course does not take into consideration the functionality of this dashboard which might necessitate the addition of some JavaScript and/or some server-side scripting…


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