HTML 5 Boilerplate Build Script CSS Query


I am trying out Paul Irish’s HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s really good so far. I am currently running the Build Script to create a publishable version of the site with everything compressed and ready.

What’s confusing me is that before running the build script, in my css folder, I have handheld.css and style.css

When I run the script and go into the publish folder and check the css folder I end up with:


If the script is meant to reduce the file size and loading times of my site then why is it giving me 3 versions of my css file and two more files than are actually needed.


any ideas?


I don’t know anything about boilerplate but I would guess that handheld.css and style.css were your originals before minification.

You should probably look at the html file and see which css files it has linked to to see what’s actually going on.

It’s still linking to style.css.

I ahve no idea why the other files were made, surely it should just minify the two that are there and not add more files

Sorry, hopefully someone who has used boilerplate will be along soon and offer some help. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile you should probably look at the css files and see if they have been minified correctly and work out which one is needed.

I had a quick look at the boilerplate site but it seems short on help documentation and doesn’t detail the kind of output you should be seeing. I couldn’t even find a help section there.

I’m guessing that you haven’t perhaps set the parameters up correctly for the “build”.

My best guess? You are using some fat bloated template instead of just writing code properly from the start…

Just downloaded it - love how the index.html in the root of the unzipped package locks up Opera solid… and of course how it pretty much looks to be like every other template/framework; file this one alongside idiocy like Grid, YUI, etc…

Basically – You’re worried about bandwidth use and fast loading pages, and you’re using a framework?!? Uhm… no.

Much less HTML5, which with all it’s extra “elements for nothing” just bloats out pages just as bad as HTML 3.2


I thought we had agreed to disagree on this issue. I can FULLY understand your points of view and what you have to say but please don’t keep forcing that into each of my threads. I just want to try different things as I learn to see for myself.

I post on here to get help for the issue in my OP, not comments on what I do wrong with the rest of my projects.

Once again, I appreciate your help and concerns but i’d much rather you post help with what i’m asking if possible.



Sorry, I’m just wondering where you got the idea that a HTML/CSS/Scripting framework would, in your own words “reduce the file size and loading times of my site” – that’s COMPLETELY nonsensical… as are their claims.

It just reeks of snake oil with their 19k .htaccess, tying in jquery bloat… and other things typical of most such “tools”.

Though honestly, I don’t remember talking about you with such things before – if so and you still want to go ahead with it, oh well…

But who said I was going to keep everything the boilerplate originally provided?

and we have spoken about jQuery before. You hate it, yes we know, I am just trying it out. Fair enough?

All I posted this thread for was to see if anyone knew why I was getting 4 css files outputted rather than just 2. - Nothing major, just a simple question which I hope someone will be able to help me with.

Looks like someone’s having a similar problem to you with the css files - but unfortunately no response either.

Thanks Paul, I replied to that with a link to this topic so I hope some help may come up.


Actually, check the html – are all four of those actually being called? It does run through several stages of minimization; -0001 and -0001.min may simply be those stages, if only the handheld and the last one are called, that may be all it is.

A lot of ‘tools’ like this will make files that aren’t actually called.