.htaccess problem

please help.

I uploaded a .htaccess file onto our web server to set up a 301 redirect. and it crashed our site.

I then logged back in and removed the file and now only the first page shows up.


any help would be greatly appreciated as i cannot gwt the site to work now, i have tried to upload a back up of the index file and the web pages but still nothing works.

Hi savemeaticket, welcome to the forums,

If the site was working with the htaccess file before you made the change, then it most likely isn’t the file that needed to be removed, but the change you made to it. i.e. the file is needed to do its “magic”, but the change you made was wrong.

I suggest you upload the backup copy to get your site working again, and then try Search using the vBulletin Advanced Search and SitePoint’s [URL=“http://search.sitepoint.com/”]Advanced Search maybe for “301”?

Thanks for the help,

reload the original htaccess from a aback up and everything is working.