Htaccess help needed


Urgent help needed.

I have 2 servers ,

server A with IP address and server B with IP address

Users can upload files to server A and server B.

Suppose if a person comes to server A and request a file in Server B , my script redirects him to server B and help him with the file download.

But it shows in browser that

Am after an htaccess rule that helps me to get the file downloaded from server B even though he comes in server A( hence redirection rule in .htaccess doesn’t apply ), but in browser it should display my domain name instead of

Confused ? Else please help.


To access a file via http on a domain, that domain’s name (or number) MUST be displayed in the browser’s location box. This is a security issue and is, IMHO, correct.

To your problem, no, you can’t do it with .htaccess.

You can, however, provide the file via PHP if on the same server (or via fopen() on the Internet).

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