.htaccess: can I forward to subdir based on != IP?

Hi there everyone,

Recently, I had a server OS take a dump while in the process of migrating a Postnuke site to a Joomla/phpBB3 bridged system. The crash put quite the wrench in my works and to get the site operating as fast as possible, I simply migrated to a phpBB3 system and made it public.

Now that the heat is off, I would like to install the Joomla system in the root dir and begin setting up the bridge. I would, however, like to keep forwarding all other visitors straight to the forum directory(currently, I’m handling this via the index.php header content).

Is this something I can do via htaccess? Can I set it up so that if the IP address doesn’t equal mine, the visitor gets whisked away to the forum dir?

If it’s not possible to do so, I guess I can throw the existing code into an if/else based on ip in the Joomla header system, but I was hoping to not have to handle it this way if possible.

Thanks for any ideas you might have,