HP is sending my new Laptop from CHINA!

By all means, shipping was free and my laptop cost about $400. Still, I’m amazed that it’s shipping from China!! I’m pretty sure it’s going through AIR since it’ll arrive sometime next week. Just the shipping cost from them must be at least $100… I guess it costs more to get U.S. workers to assemble and ship… I have a feeling more and more jobs will end up in china.

Also, I ordered a furniture from Ethan Allen and guess where that furniture is being shipped from?..yes CHINA!!! they’re gonna take over the world!

Since it’s shipped by FedEx, I tested how much it cost from U.S. to China for 6 lb item w/ cheapest plan “131.68”!!!

cool. what’s the spec of your new LT?

The labour must be cheap enough to justify the higher shipping costs.

Boo to HP for outsourcing their labour out like that, though :nono:

I am sure HP and you get different pricing on shipments - especially if you work out the cost per item.

core 2 duo 2.0 ghz, 4 gig ram, 250 hd, dual layer dvd burner, bluetooth, web cam, and other standard stuff~~

price can’t be beat!!! hopefully they didn’t install chinese vista… hahaha

Probably they get 30% discount or so. Still, $100 shipping + chinese labor is lesser than $40 shipping + u.s. worker… surprising!

It is pretty dumb how they sell themselves out like that but everyone does it. I thought about boycotting anything made in china but It’s really hard and I don’t stick to it strictly.

Well~ I guess this was pretty obvious since I saw a U.S. flags made from China… hahahaha

Still, I remember ordering a computer from Dell and they would take at least 2 weeks to assemble and ship the computer. This one? took 2-3 days and I already have a tracking number. Seriously, if the chinese workers work harder and cheaper…then as a business owner, what should they do? Could it be that U.S. workers have become TOO unionized and demand everthing and work less? hm~~ just a thought

Sadly, people in Chine work for cents are many companies are using that to make business.

The specs are pretty neat and Nifty,the price is what caught my eye :slight_smile:

This maybe thanks to chinese people

I’d be interested to know what makes you say so. Is the quality produced by Chinese labour so low that it’s a concern? That is, you think sg707’s new laptop will blow up? :shifty:

No, I think Gobbo meant giving u.s. jobs to China. I’m sure at one point HP closed down their factory along w/ their employee.

I’m sure it’s not as bad as HP eventually closing down all factories along with their employees all over the world. I’ve no idea if it would actually come to it, but if you consider if their decision was right, consider what outcome you see - $400 laptops. Was that a bad decision? I would call it bad if those laptops were of a poor quality, otherwise it’s a good decision.

Just my two cents. If I was the CEO for HP (or whatever position is responsible for such decisions), I’d do the same. I am doing the same, if I’m looking for someone to outsource work to, I start with India or China, not US or UK (mind you, the quality of the work has the final word). Simple business sense.

Not sure if it’s just me but it frightens me lil about future jobs. For example, if I was working at Idaho somewhere and moved to NYC. Then, I must have a higher salary to keep the same living standards. So, if the whole world is now competing with china’s working salary then… what would happen to us? What if some lawyer can now work for cents to defend someone in u.s.? maybe this could be doable with latest technology… I’m really afraid of salary being competed globally as $1 in U.S and $1 in China is at completely different level

Personally I don’t trust goods made in china and sold very cheaply.

I’ve had so much bad experience with them - when I was 12 I bought an MP3 player that worked for 3 minutes before short-circuiting and dying completely.

Not so long ago I bought a 64gb memory stick from china (didn’t need it but 64gb IS impressive ;)) and it couldn’t retain data for more than 10 minutes - kept reformatting.

And a laptop for £270? I’d rather pay £900 and know that it won’t let me down…

Arkinstall, do you realize that most of the goods you buy have been manunfactured in China (or Taiwan, or somewhere similar), don’t you?

They are not branded as Chinese but they are assembled or part of their pieces come from China. Even that £900 laptop.

Furthermore, I’ll tell you that my HP OmniBook (8 years old now) was manunfactured in Taiwan, so HP has changed Taiwan for China.

And my Samsung laptop was manunfactured in China. It costed £1800 in Heathrow’s duty free shop. Add the VAT and you will have the real price in UK.

Most of the appliance you use have been come from China, Taiwan, etc.

Maybe so, yet the branded stuff with a higher price label is almost always much better quality, and much more reliable.

Whether that’s to do with workshop standards/testing or higher paid workers, I wouldn’t know.