HowtoFix? Learnable PHP Tutorial by Kevin Yank color coating/lexing is missing

Hi, I’m currently passing through and learning a lot from Kevin Yank’s tutorial “PHP & MySQL Web Development for Beginners” via Learnable. At I believe around section 5 the lexing/color coating becomes non-existant and all the code, when learning it for the first time, becomes very hard to keep track of. How can we fix this?

Thanks for your help!

@kevinyank, @Ophelie, @Jasmine, @ralphm - anybody around who can help out here?

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Could you say a bit more about what you mean? I’ve had a poke around the videos in Lesson 5 and can’t see anything obviously wrong. But “lexing/color coating” isn’t a term I recognize at all.

Hey @tommydevs have you tried posting in the course discussion? A teaching assistant there should be able to help you with your specific question, and provide you with the background needed to bring you up to speed. Let me know if you need help posting there :slight_smile:

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