Howto setup a webpack frontend for 3 different backend servers (howto minimize all backend content dynamically)?


i have 3 backend servers which offer third party tools like owncloud, nextcloud, guacamole or dropbox. They are updated frequently and deliver a lot of static content (jpg,svg,css,js etc.):

backend1:80 → portal page
backend2:8080 → guacamole
backend3:443 → nextcloud

What i want is to minimize all content with webpack and deliver it to a frontend server, which serves the clients, to optimize the client behavior. (In front of the frontend Server there is a reverse proxy for caching client content)

How can i achieve this ?

  1. May i setup a client with a yeoman webpack generator or something similar ?
    This means i should copy the web page and its complete content of each backend in an app folder.
    Build some webpack.config and complie it to a dist folder and then copy it to the frontend server `?

  2. Is there something like a automatic minimizing Proxy, which works like varnish (a cache) and automatically read out all web site content and miniize it in realtime ?`??

What approach is best to minize the Web content of different backends (which we are not developing) and devlier it to the clients ?

Hope you can help out `!

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