How You Make Your Icons?


How do you make your icons ? You build them yourself or what ? What software you use ?

You come across many websites like this one:

Showcasing icons. Can we just copy them for our own websites or not ?

I am looking for cool animation or flashy looking icons. If you come across any royalty free ones or copyright free ones then drop us the links, will you ?

You need to check the TOS of the site concerned, to find the licensing information.

That is the thing. Who wants to read 50 pages of TOS on every site I find ?
There must be some other way you programmers get built your icons without needing to read pages of pages of TOS.

Who wants to read Terms pages?
Anyone that wants to use content that isn’t theirs and wants to avoid potential legal problems.

How do programmers get icons without needing to read Terms?
Use content that is theirs.

Quite simple really.

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