How you can increase website traffic for free

How to increase website traffic?

You have designed an attractive website which you think would increase your business profits. Yet it has been many days and you are not making a single penny from your website. So you go out and hire a SEO (Search-engine-optimization) specialist he makes some changes to your website for certain keywords. It takes a long time and you get some results but they do not bring you the desired results.

90% of the people have what i call dead websites. Alive websites are those which get good amount of traffic and I believe you want to be in the 10%. This article is not like other article which you can read and forget. But if you apply the principle here you can slowly build a good traffic to your website and get results. So let us talk about things which you can do increase your website traffic. All right let us get down to action.

1. The most important point is to know your keywords: The importance of keywords cannot be emphasized enough. You must do a proper research of your keywords. Lot of people suggest google keywords tool (which is the most exact tool till date). I would suggest use google suggest. Whenever you type words in google search google suggest (if it is on) will show results similar to yours actually these are live results of what people are typing so go ahead and type your keywords and note down all the suggestions of google.

2. Write Articles about your keywords: Make a blog or write articles centered around your product and keyword and submit these articles to blogs,forums,content sites etc.

3. Traffic Exchange Sites: There are lot of traffic websites out there which claim to bring traffic to your website. The principle here is simple they ask you to browse other members site in exchange these members will browse your website. This is a bad idea as these traffic websites can be easily traced by Alexa and google and they can easily pinpoint your source of traffic and can penalize you. If you are looking for an intelligent traffic exchange website then search for Wts Traffic Magnet 2.0 released recently which is 100% anonymous and FREE. It is a great system but they accept only quality websites and have strict rules about the site which they accept.

4. Write Articles for Hub pages which is a really good website to grab attention.

5. Work on Email Marketing: It is a good idea to send emails about your product but don’t overdo it. Go for Quality rather than quantity.

6. Offer something free to your customers related to your product or services

7. Make a video of your product and post it over video websites like you tube.

8. Be active: This is the key here most people who have a website think that there work is finished but in truth the real work starts after you website is on-line.

9. Think like a search engine: If you want to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website you have to think like them. If you want your website to be very popular in google think what google likes. (if you have not guessed it out already the answer is good content).

Keep these points in mind and start increasing traffic to your website.

I have tried to give some different points as most of the people do not know about hubpages or wts traffic magnet 2.0. People also might have used google suggest but do not know how to make actual use of it. I agree with you back links are very important

If I didn’t read it well I thought this is part of your tips “Traffic Exchange Sites:” which makes a website get penalized. Another source of traffic are social media sites (micro-blogging and social networking).

Yes hubpage also comes in social website. Thank you for being a good reader. No traffic Exchange sites is a really bad idea because you will find your traffic won’t increase after a certain point as alexa and google can identify your pattern of getting traffic and identify from where your traffic is coming from. Wts Traffic Magnet 2.0 is an intelligent software which makes visit to your website unique.

That covers it all. I think. thanks. I would appreciate if we can take this discussion further by talking about tools available for free to increase traffic and Seo efforts.

That topic has been covered in other threads.

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