How would you work with two repos?

I am sort of in a mind block and I hope some of you helpful experts can help me.

It is in relation to this kind of a problem.

Let’s say I have two projects with repos in Github. One project is a library, but a dependency of the other project.

Is it normal practice to have repos inside of repos? Like git ignore /vendor, but have the library repo under /vendor, so changes /PRs to the library can also be committed? Would that be a bad idea from a development standpoint, considering the library should be independent of its dependent parent project in the first place?

The answer in that github post gets me part of the way to what I think I need to do, but I’d like to hear it from one of the community devs from sitepoint. Or from several. Thanks!


What you are describing is a git submodule.

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Indeed it does. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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