How would you spend if you had $1,000,000?

college insurance for my kids :slight_smile:

I would buy a house with garden, but where that has still to be thought about, because I don’t have one yet.

Overseas investments, mainly in third-world countries. A few long- and medium-term CDs, definitely infrastructure investments, but mostly lucrative export businesses.

I’d blow it all on getting a house designed/built. I’ve always had a fantasy of designing a home with secret passages and multi-level gardens and , well, basically something that looks like rivendell in the lord of the rings :rofl: … There’s nothing like having your own castle :smiley:

Of course, then I’d become an MP and get my moat and swimming pool sorted on expenses :< (ba-dup-cheesh)

I would retire early, that or invest most of it into various aspects of the web design community :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll share the half of it in charity or donate in different churches and the rest ill spend it on my family vacation escapade.:rofl:

$ One Million does not buy much any longer. Just figure at the low interest rates of today:
2% for a chunk like that is only $ 20 000 a year. To keep up with taxes and a house this is not even covering that.

It would be nice to have, but regular life has to continue, unless you would move to a country where that amount of money would make you wealthy.

Gosh, 1 million huh? Where is a wealth calculator when you need one!

Go on a world tour.

Lots of different investments to turn it into a decent amount to have some real fun.

I would pay my debt to the bank, I would invest some and then I would give the rest to people that needs it like I do.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Depends; $1,000,000 US or $1,000,000 TT ?

If it’s in US, I’ll buy a house. Easy answer.

If it’s TT, I’ll buy a car, some new photography gear, and store away the rest toward the goal of buying a house.


Hello Mery,

If, if, if i would have this amount i will spend that for my family almost.

I’d put 500k into a charitable trust that my wife and I already operate, and then increase each of the quarterly donations that comes from it.

Then I’d max out my tax-advantaged retirement accounts and try to pump up every angle possible to reduce taxes on the money and it’s earning. I’d throw 100k into the 529 to finish my kid’s college fund, put 100k into a CD ladder and leave the rest as a 50/50 split of Vanguard Total Bond Market Fund and Vanguard TIPS fund.