How would you set out to design a co-funding website

Hey all,

Okay I have a fairly broad question today. I am thinking of creating a new co-funding style website similar to Kickstarter. Now I am under the impression that this is based on some kind of MySQL database that holds all of the information and then uses code to pull the relevant parts.

As I am sure you can tell by now I don’t really know where it’s best to start with this - in terms of designing the site layout and implementing that I would be fine. How would you all approach creating a site like this? Would you use Ruby on rails, Perl etc?

Any information people can offer on how I can take a design and implement it with a secure datebase backend would be much appreciated.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Kickstarter is actually built using Ruby on Rails.

For me, as a PHP developer, would be more ideal and faster to create a similar site using PHP.
The usual architecture is as follows: some kind of Linux flavor (usually CentOS or Ubuntu Server) used as the server, Apache for the web server, MySQL for the database and PHP for the programming language. And of course HTML, CSS, Javascript for the front-end.

I would rather use a popular programming language with a large community, because if you get stuck, you can easily find answers on forums, or in case of hiring a dev. team, it’s easier to switch them to another team if things doesn’t work out. (believe me, it’s quite common with real-world projects)

PM me if you’d like to discuss this further… :slight_smile: