How would you market this website

So my partner and I are trying to brainstorm ways to market our newly launched:

The purpose of the site: we give away new commercial products each day and offer discount sales on those same products.

Any ideas how you might spread the work for a site like this, would be much appreciated!


Your website looks good, but if you are trying your website to sell some product as i see some special discount offer on your website. you need to go with PPC for instant selling purpose.

the site is so simple yet very detailed. i think this sounds like ebay bidding;) for i know just try to have more social sites for you to inform what you have

To be honest, the first thing I would do is sort out the code, and bring it into the 21st century. There’s absolutely no excuse for having nested tables 5 levels deep or huge chunks of inline scripts. The lack of semantic markup and massive code bloat means Google is going to struggle to pick out the content and figure out what it means. To be honest, a quick look at the site and I’m not entirely sure what it is or what it does. That’s vital. People have to be able to tell within a second or so what the purpose of your site is and why they should stay on it. If they look at your site for two seconds, can’t figure out what it does, and leave … you’ve lost them, and all that effort working your way up the search results is wasted.

social media is the best place to promote in ( Try facebook and stumble upon)try it and feel the difference


You should go with ad campaign like adwords and also you should promote with Facebook ads.


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