How would i go about doing a niche Wordpress Blog?

Happy New Year everyone

Now i wanna change my New Year this Year

how would i go about doing A niche Wordpress Blog?
and does any one know a good hosting for it?

as i wanna change this year to be one that i can make money i know its not easy

but i wanna try :slight_smile:

Hi fkcode,

Thanks for the greeting!

Your title didn’t tell what the topic is, so I took the liberty to change it to one of your questions and move it to the proper forum. :slight_smile:

“How would i go about doing a niche Wordpress Blog?”

The thought was good though! :smile:

If you’re approaching this as a way to make easy money, then I think you’re going to be disappointed.

If you’re going to blog, then you need a subject on which you are knowledgeable, or have sufficient interest to carry out original research, so that you can write regular posts. If you’re hoping to monetise it, then it needs to be good enough to attract a decent-sized audience.

So once you’ve decided on your topic, you’ll need to spend a lot of time creating quality content, and promoting your blog (in the right ways) before you see any real return. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that it’s not the easy way to make money that so many of our members seem to expect.


I’m not trying to be negative, just realistic. Your opening post gave very little information, and it wasn’t apparent from that that you had a topic in mind.

Perhaps you could clarify what kind of assistance you are looking for, as

is a bit vague. smile

Your choice of hosting will depend on many factors, so I suggest you start by looking at SitePoint’s guide to choosing a hosting company.


I wasn’t quoting the title. I was quoting your opening post and asking you to clarify the kind of help you want, to enable others to make useful suggestions.

Nobody is suggesting you have to be a pro to post here, only that you take time to explain your questions clearly, and respond when asked for more information.

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