How works app to send huge amount emails ? Who knows anything?

In this year I need to make a application to send bulk emails (1 milion/week - about 150k/day). At this moment I have ready API (made in tornado/python). I chose the Swift Mailer as script to send email + supervisord as cron mechanism. SMTP servers and RBL it’s no problem. But I have a questions:

how to store a informations about every single e-mail (MySQl ? maybe something noSQL ?)
how to transfer emails from manager application to stmp server or sender applications (PHP script on interntal server) ?
how organize internal applications or plugins to check RBL etc ?
who knows anything about this question or have any useful URL ?

For that many emails I wouldn’t use my own script or servers, I’d use a reputable email service. I’m sure most could provide you any stats or info you might be interested in.