How will affect the website if we upload our Corporate Video on the first page

We are planning to upload video on our website home page.(Website is Wordpress platform.)

My Questions:
1.How will affect the website if we upload our corporate video on the home page from an SEO perspective?
2.Could please suggest any best practices to upload video without affecting website performance?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

fairly sure the answer to question 1 is “It won’t, as long as you’re not removing content in order to do so.”

2: If you’re concerned about website performance, 1) host the video offsite in a mechanism that allows streamed video (Youtube?), 2) don’t start playing the video automatically.

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It can only be beneficial, because a video improves the UX which is liked by Google more than off-site SEO. The future of SEO is video. By 2022, according to Sisco, 82% of the traffic will be video.

How does a video improve UX? It is much easier to find specific content in text than in a video, and easier to skim, to ascertain whether or not the content is of interest.

If a video doesn’t have captions or a transcript, any commentary is inaccessible to those with hearing impairment. If it doesn’t have a transcript which can be read by assistive technology, any visual content is inaccessible to those with visual impairment. Videos with soundtrack are also problematic if accessed in a shared environment, such as a library or even an office.

For a search engine to understand the content of a video (and therefore index it for use in search results), it also needs a transcript.

So the video itself is of little or no value, I’d say; the important part is the transcript.


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