How were cut/copy/paste enabled in FF & Chrome on the Sitepoint CKEditor forms?

Sitepoint uses CKEditor (v. 3 if I’m not mistaking) for its post forms. Now, CKEditor is known for its Javascript intercept of the cut, copy and paste functions in Firefox and Chrome, if called with the applicable form buttons or the context menu. Users have to use the keyboard shortcuts, as you can easily see for yourself on the CKEditor demo.

That demo is a v. 4 demo, but if I’m correct, that intercept has been a CKEditor feature (or bug, depending on how you look at it) in earlier versions as well. Yet, the functions are unhindered & native in the CKEditor forms on Sitepoint. How was that accomplished?

I have created a simple and sweet custom CMS, and I, too, would like to normalize the said functions in FF and Chrome. I’ve been digging through the accompanying Javascript files in the CKEditor package, but haven’t even been able to locate anything that would qualify as the script (line) that would be the culprit.

I don’t care about the security issues that are said to be the reason for the intercept. I have learned that the W3C has drawn up a draft that would make the IE method – just ask the user to give permission for that site if the functions are called – the W3C standard, and that the draft stands a good chance of being accepted. But implementation, and all (potential) clients updating their FF and Crome to a version with that standard implemented, may take quite a while.

If you wouldn’t know how this was done on Sitepoint, maybe you would know the person(s) who would, so that I can send them a PM, asking them to join this thread?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Frank,
I’ll find someone at HQ who knows the deal with CKEditor to respond to your question.

Great! :slight_smile:

Hey Frank,
Apologies for the delay in responding, I had to do some rallying round the office.
The behaviour that you are referring to is actually native vBulletin, and not something that we customised, so I’m not further forward I’m afraid!

Hey Hawk,

That is something I regarded a possibility, so I’m not too disappointed. I’ll contact the makers of vBulletin.

Could you tell me the version number Sitepoint is currently using? And if HQ would know a specific person at vBulletin who would know most about this specific subject, I would be eternally grateful to all the Overlords. :slight_smile: