How well does a general web developer understand HTML5? Interesting comment

This is a comment on Luke Steven’s The Truth About HTML5, with some code examples I thought were interesting (regarding the <section> element and some of the other new document-outline elements).

Hi statement

Instead we should persist with a minimal HTML spec consisting of basic tags - much like HTML4 - and add accessibility and semantic value on top of that foundation by using WAI-ARIA landmark roles and micro-semantics.

is the one that resonates most for me. Seems a much more intelligent approach. Sigh …

Nice find Poes…gotta agree with a good bit of what he says about HTML5, and his insights are definitely interesting. This has all the makings of another disaster like before standards came about. If you don’t have “concrete” examples to work from, the chances of fragmentation are just going to create chaos. :frowning:

Someone on teh twitters posted a screenshot of a website which seemed to use <section> tags… for maybe everything. Would have been funny except it wasn’t.

It’s good that HTML4doctor does a lot of prescribing how tags and attributes should be used, which helps. It’s just maybe not enough if people are still hitting stuff like w3schools in the search engines.