How we place an icon with a menu text?



My question is here how we place an icon with a menu text?
I do try for this but not get a good response so please tell me anybody about this technic
how can we get an impressive site which origin an impression on a reader?here is my website


Hi vkamboj41, welcome to the forums!

I’m not sure I understand. :blush:

Please describe where on your site you want the icon. I guess you are talking about adding an icon to the menu bar buttons, (Home Page) (Wheat Crop) and so on, but when you say you want an impressive site, maybe you mean something else. :slight_smile:

Please use many more words so it is easier to understand exactly what you want. Or maybe post a drawing to show.

Or could you link to another site that has icons as an example?


There are some examples here…

Some of us old timers still prefer to ‘roll our own’ when it comes to things like this.
What I mean is, you already have ID’s and classes on your list items so you could set up unique icons for each list item.

You can do that by setting the icon as a background image on your <li> ID’s

<li id="menu-item-214" ...
<li id="menu-item-492" ...
<li id="menu-item-339" ...
<li id="menu-item-128" ...
<li id="menu-item-208" ...
<li id="menu-item-464" ...

Though I’m not sure what those ID’s are for, maybe for current page highlighting.

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