How we can create native ads in adsense

These days, I am seeing many websites habe enabled native ads for their sites, but there is no such option in adsense account. I also tried DFP (double click for publishers) but they said this feature is only for the app developers, then how web owners are using this.

Here is the screenshot of ad for what I am taking here

Sorry, but I’m confused. Where is the ad in your image?

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check it here…

If i’m not mistaken for native ads you need either taboola or outbrain.- in the pic it’s not native ads.

That doesn’t look like a Google ad to me, simply because in my experience Google ads all have the yellow “ad” box to make clear that they are ads, As in the examples on this page.

Now, there are lots of ad network like taboola and outbrain exists. For example, is one of them.

Google already started this native ads for mobile app developers and according to the notification, they will launch native ads for content and webowners in their next update.

To use native ads you must login thru DFP account for publishers.

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