How was this done?


I have been looking for ideas on websites and the filter system on this page is exactly what I am looking for.

I love the way it animates and changes according to the clickable button.

Does anyone know what plugin was used or how I can implement this on a website that I wish to build?

Any help is much appreciated.

Here you go: . It even comes with customisable options :slight_smile:

Thank you! I actually found this a few hours afer posting and im now using it. Lovely plugin :):thumbup:

Actually there are a lot of different plugins you can try out, but this one is pretty much the best one to use. Keep up the good work.

Hey Kodou, You have shared really useful plugin. I have implemented it on my website and it looks good. Thanks for sharing such a great plugin website.

Guys heres a query for you…

I have implemented this, splitting products into 3 categories:

All products
Product type a
Product type b
Product type c

We split each by the category class name…what csn we do.if two products fall into both categories?

You search on google alpha plugin for website and online flash header aur button download and if you want more help to make the type of this site so contact me.

You are very welcome :wink:

Simple, just give it both classes. For example class=“cats dogs” :slight_smile:


I had no idea that was possible. I feel very stupid! Haha.

I thought it had to be one or the other and the most recently declared class name would take over?

C’mon, don’t feel stupid. You don’t learn anything, if you don’t ask. :wink:

Also a little tip, try using the Google Developer tools more often. For example you could go to the plugin’s website and check the classes & IDs of the images. Once you understand the scheme, you can simply experiment around by giving one of the images two of the filtering classes.
What would I do without Google Developer Tools? :wink:

Much appreciated :):thumbup:

I just see you have done it on Wordpress. I have checked your portfolio it is look Awesome. Really hardworking lead to innovation. I think you are little shy to ask questions on what you have try to do but not done it properly as you are expecting. I agree with Kodou, if you will not ask then how you will learn that what you have done, is it correct way or just wasted time.

I have suggestion for you. When you are going to design some thing, get approval from you employer or your client about design. Check his mind what he has. After this post it here or any other community section. From here you will get the votes. It will help you to evaluate your work. What you have done is correct or not and you will get suggestions how you can improve it. easily