How Unique?

Hey guys, So I submit my article to ezine and once accepted I add it to the other directories and while it get accepted by most, most of them do not get indexed.

If i was to make different versions. How unique would they need to be to be classed as unique content in googles eyes?

Thanks for the replies, I’ve been working with spun content in a context. I write 5 sentences saying the same thing in different ways and with around 20 sentences I’m getting around 55% unqiue. I’m also being careful to make sure every thing make sense.
I’m guessing the longer the document the more unique it becomes.

Not sure where in this thread I mentioned using someone else’s content and spinning it all over the web… Maybe you need to chill out a little…

Yes, that’s obviously on main reason for article marketing and I mean the same. :slight_smile:

What should be the real focus? I’ve been using it to get links to help rank my page

Um … unique is like black, in that something either is black or it isn’t. Black is binary, whereas grey is a sliding scale.

Asking “how unique” doesn’t make any sense. Something either is unique or it isn’t. Unique isn’t like black where there are shades of grey.

Article marketing can provide a ton of benefits - links being one of the biggest. However, quality articles can also establish you as an expert in your niche, provide a great way to soft-sell your products, and get more traffic to your site.

As for the original question, I’d rather be safe than sorry, so I make sure all of my articles are at least 50% different. And, please, don’t use spinners. Rewriting articles by hand can actually be alot faster and will give you a much better finished product. All of the spun content I’ve ever seen is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention chock full of spelling and grammar errors. Bottom line - it damages your credibility.

How about you stop spamming the web with trash and produce unique interesting articles that you can be proud of? Nothing makes me more angry than seeing reposted content, spun articles or rewriting the same pointless content over and over in an attempt to spam and self promote your services (which obviously aren’t worth paying for as you don’t even have the imagination to produce anything unique yourself). People who repost material without even attempting to produce something unique should be jailed either for copyright infringement (if their doing it to other peoples stuff) or they should be shot on principle for adding more fluff and pointless trash to the web. Have a shred of self respect and keep your content fresh, unique and interesting, otherwise you’re just exposing yourself as a fraud. :slight_smile:

If you can spin the article to 30% unique to the original you can use it. Please note that I am not declaring that you will get benefit doing so but it is the percentage used while spinning an article.

And if your articles have not indexed in search engines that is not a big issue because you can get them indexed either by pinging or by using general Internet Marketing promotions. As it is an easy job to get index, I would suggest you focus on the real motive of doing article marketing.