How to Write Record to a Label


I am learning I connected to database but can’t figure out how to write record ID to label. Below is the code:

        Dim strConnection As String = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("objConn").ConnectionString
        Dim objConn As New SqlConnection(strConnection)

        Dim dAdapter As New SqlDataAdapter
        dAdapter.SelectCommand = New SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM tblCMS", objConn)

        Dim dSet As New DataSet


I want to write first record “ID” to a label named “lblWelcome” in page.

Please advice.

To write a record to a label you will need a SqlDataReader and you can do whatever you like while stepping through the reader object. Well, that is the fastest way anyway.

From a dataset loop through it like this:

for (int i = 0; i < dSet.Tables[“tblCMS”].Rows.Count; i++)
int lngPrimaryKeyId =

lblWelcome.Text = lngPrimaryKeyId.ToString();

But remember, this is to loop through each item. But from the above, I am sure you can figure out to just get the first item. Which will not be done in a loop.

PS. The above is in C#. My VB skills are long bug forgotten. Good luck