How to write great content for my site

Can someone tell or explain to me how to write great content using any keyword based reasrch tool.Thanks


You use the keyword research tool to zero in on a target customer segment.

Then you find out everything you can about the motive behind that search. For instance, is the person researching, shopping or buying?

Develop a target profile or persona explaining the motives behind, say, buying a backpack when Tina – the name of your persona – has just watched a report on backpacks creating back problems for students.

Once you have motive, you can develop a complementary offer and write copy that fits the buying motives of the targeted user segment.

…Or you can just download a generic scrape, stuff in the keywords, and come back here and complain about why nothing works.

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Using Personas for better Copywriting …unless you’re writing articles for leprechauns and unicorns, yes it is still copywriting.

Your best content is when you are writing about something you really love. The readers will see your passion and your content will shine. If you are just writing content based on Keyword research then your content will be plain and uninteresting. Thats just how I feel. John Chow has a great quote: “People First, Google second”.

I have to agree with once janister… put people first.

And if you really want to confirm if the search engine will drive some free traffic to it ,once you know what you’re going to write about, ask yourself the terms of search that you would use (if possible, asking some other people may help, they will use different terms) and then use a keyword tool to know if there is any term that people use and that may fit your in your article.

This is even more true if you’re writing a series… you may start with simple concepts in the first article of the series, and evolve to more complicated concepts in the following articles. Then, thinking about keywords will not help much.

First select your business service they will be your best keywords. Then explain these services in details. This will be your website contents.

I think its easier to write the article obviously being aware of the keywords and insert them once the article is complete, I find it takes a lot less time writing it that way and you end up with the same result.

Ralph in the CSS forum is a great copywriter

Ya through google adword tool you can select keywords and write accordingly. Another thing should be kept in mind will writing is keyword density. Which should be kept low as possible.

I think Google adwords, and sktool is the best resource.

What? How does using Google Adwords help you to “write great content”?

I agree with Stevie… but hey, if you know the answer I’m all ears :slight_smile: (well, eyes, in this particular case)

First of all you have to target the niche in which you are interested to writing… After Selecting the specified Niche you have to choose keywords which you want to target in Your Article… To Selecting the particular keywords i think Google Ad words Tools is one of the most suitable option… After Selecting the keywords Do Focus on keywords Density as well…

see "addyj672 " reply.

I was saying through google adwords tool you can first select the keywords and then start writing. It will help you in getting relevant text as well as in keyword density issue. Try to keep keyword density issue low as possible.

That doesn’t answer anything. I assume your logic is “Find out what people are searching Google for” -> “Write about it” -> ??? -> “Profit!”

What’s missing there is the actual writing step, which is what the OP asked about. Google Adwords will give you nothing to help you with that. Personally, I’d assume it’s better to write about something that you have some vague knowledge of or interest in, but maybe that’s just me.

Dear Stevie D,

Why i had suggested “addyj672” answer because, by seeing the ad-words result, we can take a preview of our content writing method, what to follow to get organic result in Google.

The great thing about writing content is to see your site climb to certain key phrases, and knowing that you can disable the writing of this sentence and move to another without losing your rankings. You’ve earned your place on the top and you will not easily be reversed.

Ion Leap that marketers want to succeed in your business sales. Most of the companies we work with are already doing a Google AdWords campaign and we are not asking them to stop, just go about it strategically. Often need advice on streamlining the key factors in achieving their marketing goals, but we could never tell them to stop as soon as Adwords. But depending on the category of activity, the time comes.

He got into the Google organic rankings may take up to three months for certain key phrases. For a look at page 1 for a specific search phrase, Adwords is almost instantaneous. It can be expensive, but you’ll be there.

the actual writing step

Why that’s the very first, most important step.

  1. Have the client place an ad in Craigslist and hire the responder who bids lowest. “Me write you goodly for long time.”

It is best to handle the writing with tongs …so’s none of the writin’ gets on you.

You really should understand this is a web dev site. Writing is the client’s problem. Actual writing discussions are like a debate with a parrot. You get frustrated, and the parrot …is still a parrot.

In more colorful, literary terms, it’s called reaping the whirlwind. It is so apropos and rational an outcome for the purveyors of “content,” as that which keeps one’s DIVs from collapsing; once the Lorem Ipsum is removed. The best you can hope for is how to use content to keep the keywords from running together.

The user doesn’t exist but to enjoy whatever your Craigslist flunky writes – to nobody’s interest in particular. If it doesn’t look like a srape, the typist hasn’t risen to the level of “greatness.”

It must be absolutely unmistakable that the article is encyclopedia generic, suited to no specific business. Targeted at no specific reader. …Because, then you can sell it over and over. And that is just great. (See how that works.) … (…what?!)

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Just write normally as you would, that’ll be your first draft. Then go thru’ the article to see where and what words need to be replaced, sentence to be rephrased to accommodate the keywords. That way, you save time and you won’t change the tone of the article too much.

Writing is a complicated tasks to do particularly if the topic you are writing about is not really that familiar to you. As a suggestion, you may want to read about the article you are writing by using Website reference and other articles that are existing online.

Pronouns have no meaning to search engines, so every pronoun used is a distinct word, maybe a keyword or related to a keyword, that isn’t used and not picked up by search engines, and therefore using many pronouns will cost you search engine interest.

Too many pronouns tax reader interest. When there’s two main nouns, pronouns can confuse which you’re talking about. Use pronouns only when there can be no doubt who or what the pronoun refers to. When you can’t decide whether or not to use a pronoun, use the pronoun and put the noun in parenthesis right after the pronoun.