How to write content writing

pleas tell me How we improve content writing
and witch things we should follow in content writing:)

For a start, your spelling could use a spell checker (please), you should find a list of commonly mistaken words (witch and which), and take a look at capitalization guidelines (please should be capitalized and How should not).

Nobody enjoys reading something when they have to first navigate through poor grammar.

There are a number of writer resources in the sticky at the top of this forum. I suggest you familiarize yourself with that thread and then come back with a more specific question.

write content that is relevant to the user. No grammer mistakes or spelling errors are allowed. In SEO standpoint content should be unique.

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OK, let’s see.

“Write” should have a capital letter.
“grammar” doesn’t have an ‘e’ in it.
And that was not relevant to the OP.


There are three parts to becoming a better writer.

The first is very simple: you need to ensure that you use correct spelling, correct grammar and correct punctuation; you need to create a good first impression and not to discourage people by having a page that is riddled with errors.

The second is a bit more of a challenge: you need to develop a sense for language, rhythm, vocabulary; you need to make your writing flow elegantly and eloquently from one sentence to the next, drawing the reader on, making the document a pleasure to read.

The third is the hardest: you need to come up with good ideas to write about; there’s no point in writing wonderful prose with beautiful sentence structure and a fabulous range of synonyms and similes if the actual content is complete drivel.

Aside from the grammar errors in your post, more to the point, this is not the SEO forum so discussion of SEO is, for the most part, irrelevant here. Please limit SEO discussions to the proper forum.

Further, you don’t write content that is “relevant” to the user. You write content that is well structured, comprehensive, and relevant to your topic so that your visitors find the information they are seeking at your site and regard you as a credible person in your field of expertise.

Hi Shyflower and Stevie,

Excuse me for posting this here, but I’m sort of lost and I’m not sure if there’s already a thread discussing a topic on the difference between an article from a blog post. Or shall I say, the difference between article writing and blogging.

Or would you rather suggest that I’ll just start a new thread?

Thank you. A kind response is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

By the way, I just want to let you know that I finally found the thread talking about the difference between blog post and article. Please feel free to delete my post, if necessary. Thank you.

Well, you need to know proper grammar, correct spelling of words and good flow of content/article writing.