How to wrap an object on bulb or ball Shape objects in adobe illustrator?

Hi mates,

I want to wrap a graphic on a ball shape object but I am unable to find appropriate method to perform this task. I have also followed a relevant tutorial where it explained that this could be made through wrap tool in illustrator so I tried but didn’t make it perfect. I am not sure this could be done by using just a wrap tool may be there is an another way. I am attaching an image along with this so you can see how snowflakes are wrapped upon those christmas balls, it is an example as what I actually want to do.

Check out this tutorial it looks like it would help explain a few things. And it happens to be Colourful Christmas decorations too…

I do appreciate your response but there is something more easier? I am still unable to make this :frowning:

Are you having a problem with a step in that tutorial? It would be good to give s more to go on.

Not a problem, but the mentioned tutorial is about using 3D effect in illustrator and I want to make this without using 3D effect because of vector based output and small file size. Thank you