How to work with wordpress?

My company website has a affilate blog, which i posted some articles about the company news or products. But i don’t know how to do with it, it seems that it is incompatible to many plugins, and i have no way to improve it since i am not good at website structures. Does any of you own a wordpress website and how do you deal with it ?

WordPress is not that hard to deal with. It has some caption boxes that enables you to click of some application or posts you may want to publish and apply. If you want to understand well, WordPress has a video tutorial. So, basically it would be easy on your part already.

Could you provide me tips that how to work with wordpress?

i know the easy operation, like putting posts, writting them are more difficult. When something is wrong with my wordpress blog, i have come to people that once established the website. I think it may annoy him, if the website constantly goes wrong, so i think it’s better for myself to understand it and operate it and could solve some frequent problems.

1.Customize Your Sidebar and Keep it Consistent
2.Use “Decategorizer” Plugin for Cleaner URLs
3.Customize Metadata for Individual Posts
4.Disable Comments (Not Recommended)
5.Don’t Use “Tags” or a “Tag Cloud” (Not Recommended)
6.Change the Default Display of the Title Bar Content
7.Use the “Pages” Sidebar Section as Your Main Navigation
8.Don’t Call Your Website a “Blog”
9.Remove or Customize Default Text and Title Attributes
10.Use “Nice Search” Plugin for Clean Search URLs

Thank for your advice, rose, but i can’t agree with you all, could you explain to us more specificly ?

Maybe this tutorial could help you:

Thank again, but it is very pity that we can’t open youtube webpages in China, it is kind of blocked, so is facebook. If you have to view these two websites, you have to use proxy softwares. I think i would find some videos available in china myself.

oh, i’m sorry to hear that. ok, let’s have it this way. give me a particular question and i’ll do my best to answer that. i’d be very glad to help you.:slight_smile:

since i have been in the field near one year, i start to wonder whether i should start to learn some IT(my major is IT), the more i know how the website works, the more effective the seo work will be, at least in my mind.

you’ve got a point in there. i agree with that. it takes practice and everything will be easier.

Though my major is English, but most of my work is related with IT, just a little pity.

wordpress is very simple to use but It becomes quite tricky when talking about the pluggings just vist and try to learn guidelines step by step there if u really want to learn so many features of wordpress.

Still facing problem then let me know…

I have one question for u guys…can anyone tell me the benefits of e-commerce industry these days.

Thank you very much. Maybe just because i am not a IT material.But i will try harder and harder.

Could you be a bit more specific as to what aspect of WordPress you are trying to get to work? :smiley:

WordPress is a CMS platform that has evolved into having many features / sides over the years so as the others have suggested you should check out some getting started guides, and then as you go along you can always ask a more direct question here at SP and usually people answer constructively :>

Enjoy the rest of your sunday (Football time here!),

it’s ok…nowadays, there is a need for us to do multi-tasking jobs

I start to learn HTML now, i hope one day i could write codes myself. It is really cool of being a programmers.

The same dream with me. I start to build my website and try to learn more about wordpress and HTML. It’s very hard and boring. But i will try my best to have fun in the code of world. Cuz the code is an amazing world.

at least they are just HTML codes and not the Da Vinci Code.

Haha, Da Vinci Code is full of challenge, but only less people can crack it. I have seen the movie of <Da Vinci Code> and i think Tom Hanks is cool…