How to wirte file from browser site in node.js

I have created addons for firefox to scrape google search page web links.
Screenshot 2022-09-27 201611

This is my main program file:

let webNum = 5;

function scrapeLinks(num){
    let links = document.querySelectorAll('.yuRUbf a'), hrefs = [];
    for (let i = 0; i < num; i++) { hrefs.push(links[i].href) };
    return hrefs.join(" ");
const allLinks = scrapeLinks(webNum);

const fs = require("fs");

function writeInFile(content){
    fs.writeFileSync("H:/python projects/Rafiq A.I/scrape addons/data/weblinks.txt", content, err => {
        if (err) {


I scrape all website links from the google search page and store them on allLinks variable. It works I check it on the console. But my writeInFile function does not work in the browser. But it works when I run it on the node js terminal. I want to make a program to scrape my data and store it on the txt file. How can I do this?

The easiest way to write to files in Node.js is to use the fs.writeFile() API.