How to view hidden backlinks?

How to view hidden backlinks. I did check the backlink tool of my competitor website, but I can’t found any backlink, I think they are using some tricks. Two website is as follows.

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Please supply more details regarding the backlink tool.

I think you are confused about backlinks and recommend viewing this Wiki Article

In a nutshell a backlink is from external sites to your site therefore you cannot view any backlinks on a site.

Try searching for the relevant site within quotes and a list of external links will be shown:

In your browser search for

Mostly Backlink analysis tools like ahref, majestic, seo profiler or lot’s of other tools using bots to crawl webpages, just like Googlebot crawl your website.

We all know, we can block that type of bots, by using robots.txt, but I check their site, and did not found, they are blocking that type of bots on robots.txt

Another thing is that, Webmaster can also block that type of bots, by using .htacess, so may be your competitors using that trick.

Another thing is that, may be the site does not have more backlinks, and hence you are not getting any enough result, another possible result is, may be crawler does not yet crawl that website, so may be the site is new.

Possible solution : Use another backlink analysis tools (Just google it), so may be you will get report, otherwise I don’t think, your competitors building backlinks.

Assuming that you’re looking for inbound backlinks to those sites, I think it’s more likely that whatever tool you’re using is unreliable, or you’re not using it correctly.

Alexa (which I would not regard as the most accurate tool here, just the easiest for me to access) shows one link for one of those sites, and four links for the other. I suggest you try one or more of the sites in @Goyllo’s post, and see if you get better results.

Hi saravananjstech,

Mostly you have chosen wrong competitor, as I did some research no, neither they have backlink nor they are in top 5 ranking in any of the competitive keywords.

Then I’m afraid your research is lacking. As I’ve already said, Alexa is showing backlinks for that domain, and I’m sure more accurate results could be obtained by using another tool.

Hi @TechnoBear,

Thanks for the update, as I did not checked in Because If Google found any Backlink it will simply index in the search result.

And usually it will checked through in the search result, In this case the Google is not showing any backlink to the respective website.

Also I need to mention the backlink that are pointing to are no follow so no link juice are passing through it. Therefor Google is also not considering this as a backlink.

That’s a fair point about “nofollow” links, but not all of those I found are nofollow. (I have now also tried other tools, not just Alexa.) I think the moral of the story is that it pays to use a combination of tools, rather than rely on just one.

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They most likely own the sites the links are coming from. You can probably use google’s link operator to find a few of them, as they most likely are not hiding them from google.

In my opinion there are many way to view the hidden backlinks but google’s link operator is best for that. I can also use this term and it is also easy to use. So keep it up.

to tell the truth, i have yet to find a tool, free or paid, that will find all the backlinks for a certain site. all tools give some of them but not all of them.

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