How to Use WSS4CF

I am trying to figure out how to use WSS4CF. I downloaded the code from i took a look at the wiki they have but there wasn’t enought to help me figure out what to do. I am fairly new to CF and i have never created a webservice or used WSS in any language so any help would be appreciated.

What problems are you having? Installing it or understanding how it works?

From the download I just grabbed it’s a single CFC (ColdFusion Component) file.

So you should be able to drop that into your project and call it in the same way you would any CFC - if you’re not sure how to do that then head over to Adobe’s ColdFusion Livedocs and do a bit of reading up to help you with the basics.

The CFC contains several functions, and these are the “tools” that are available for you to talk to the WSS.

The idea is you call these functions, pass in any custom arguments needed for the Service all and these will give you back a “patch” of data from the Web Service. You can then use in your application.

Hope that helps


The issue i am having is i am not sure how i should be using it. I know how to use the functions inside my CFM page but i do not know how to go about what each of the functions do and what order do they go in. Things along that line

Then the only thing I can answer is - read the code and work out what to do :-). It’s what I’d do to answer your questions.

You could email the author, tell them your problem and see if he can give you a bit more information? Not very reliable I know but that’s the downside to Open Source projects.

Only other suggestion I can give you is to compare the code in the CFC to the documentation for WSS, if they have any, and see how the processes match up to how the CFC works.