How to use Word Press?

My question is related to word press, i have a different websites i want to use word press.

So how can i use word press and want to know about word press.

Well…you should go here: WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

I’ve been using wordpress for years but only recently came across this site WPBeginner - Beginner's Guide for WordPress lots of reading to do to get started at least

Their begginers wyide and easy 5 minute installation are wonderful.

However, you have to know to to create a MySQL database and upload files to a server.

Unless you are using a server that is not yours. Meaning, you are renting space
Then, I would reccomend checking the hiring company And are if they have cOanel because with thatsoftware, one can install and use Wordpress blogs in a single click.

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Also you can learn it while you are using it. Just play with it. It is very idiot proof … so you can’t get wrong. This is how I learn it. If I need something that I didn’t get then I begin to search / learn. It’s faster this way.

Wordpress is a blog editor and also uses as cms. You can use it for your websites as well. it is very easy to use. Each option is well mention with the use of that. Just go through to wordpress dot org to know more about it.

So how can i use word press and want to know about word press.

what exactly you want to know about WP? the installation part or the software specifications part or the blah blah blah
(it would always help if you broaden your search a bit)

the link provided above by one of the members is no doubt a good resource to get you started with WP and as you start working with it, you will learn new things as the time passes by - so, just take your very first step & install wordpress

How you can use word press can be seen all over the web and has been discussed here in several other threads. If you have a specific question to ask about using WordPress, please feel free to begin a new thread in which to ask it. This thread closed