How to use the internal cross-linking properly in search engine optimization?

Quiet an ordinary story about a small website…
Having almost no skills in site-building and SEO combined with intention to develop them I’m currently working on the optimization of my website so that it could appear higher in search engine results pages at least in the association with rare keywords. As my site is based on the web template it’s structure is rather typical: graphics-heavy introductory page, several content-rich landing pages with other pages interconnected to them through linking. With the resources I have in my disposition I realize the impossibility of obtaining a big number of outer hyperlinks pointed to me web page. So in order to increase the popularity of my site I decided to concentrate on the exploiting of so to say internal cross-linking – the result my humble attempt is represented here. The question is how should the cross-linking of my site be implemented to work properly and become an effective tool of promotion. I see that a great amount of on-line manuals and guidance can be helpful in finding out the answer, still I would be grateful for any personal advice concerning precisely my six completed pages: in what way should the interconnection between them be organize to make the cross-linking of the whole website most efficient.
I hope it doesn’t matter that the pages are filled with content on my native non-English language - the website code in the universally accepted HTML language is a subject of discussion I invite You to participate in. Thanks.

Sorry I have forgotten to write the name of my website requiring the optimization

Internal cross linking is not going to make any signifiicant difference from an SEO viewpoint. The internal links basically cancel each other out in terms of any SEO benefit beyond that of helping people who have already found your site to see other pages on the site.


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And as felgall says, internal links help your visitors, which is a good thing, but will have little or no influence on the search engines.[/FONT]