How to use sns to market my products?

I am new to social network system marketing.

We produce softwares and how can I use sns to market?please give details.

Using these Social Networking Sites as a tool to market differs from every site. The marketing strategy you would use will differ from site to site. Familiarize yourself with each social site and see what strategy you should do to market your software.

  • Sign up on all major networking sites
  • Pick a niche targeted username
  • Put your site/ blog URL in your profile
  • Include information about your site/ product on your profile page
  • Search for people with similar interests
  • Publish quality posts as early as feasible
  • Build a community
  • Conduct contests/ polls
  • Make the most of social networking applications
  • Sign up on your niche related forums and publish quality posts
  • Invite guest blogging
  • Comment on niche related blogs

There is no big issue about working on social networking sites like facebook,twitter,hi5,quepassa and much more. Just register on sites, create profiles according your choice after that build your community and spread your views/comments with or without links but avoid spam. :slight_smile:

thanks for all your replies.

We have achived success in article marketing and now are starting sns marketing.

thank you.