How to use sitepoint

Dear everybody how are you???

I want to know about sitepoint forum I can use properly. So for this I need tips and I want to know more that I shall get to seo in this site or to link building.

Sorry, but if you’re using SitePoint for seo and link building, you’ve come to the wrong site. All links are nofollow, so there is no seo benefit. This site is for the exchange of ideas and for learning from other experienced professionals.

you said the site point is no follow but how can I recognize that which site is no follow and others is do follow. so please let me know.

Questions such as this are in danger of crossing fluff guidelines because they are easily answered by either doing a search of SitePoint (where they have been discussed for eons) or by searching through your favorite search engine. We are here to help you learn to help yourself. Please take note of that and follow the suggestions. Do some research on your own and then if you have specific questions that you cannot find answers to elsewhere, feel free to post those questions in the appropriate forum.

However, before you continue posting here, be sure you are familiar with our Community guidelines (in the SitePoint FAQs/rules) as well as the guidelines (stickied in the blue area of each forum as Important and any announcements at the top of each forum. This will ensure that your question is appropriate for that area of SitePoint forums.