How to Use Rich Snippet?

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I would like to add rich snippet in my website to make it user friendly. Can you help me how can I do this?

I’m not sure I understand the question, or what it has to do with PHP, @aanchalkaura. What do you mean by “rich snippets”, and how do you envisage them making your site “user friendly”?

My understanding of the term “rich snippets” is of something Google may use in search results, based upon structured data in your site.


@TechnoBear My client website is in Joomla CMS and he want to his website showing in Google with “review Stars” as picture showing. I searched in Google for this and I found this is a structured data concept. But I don’t know how to create a code for rich snippet.

Ofcourse by using “:rich snippet” my website will like user friendly.

I think you mean your site might look more appealing in search results. To the best of my knowledge, rich snippets have no direct effect on the “user friendliness” of a site.

rich snippet
A visually enhanced search result, now known as a “rich result”.

Google provides detailed information for using structured data on a site, depending on the kind of information you want to show.

I suggest you start there, and ask for further help if you run into difficulties following the guides.

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I never heard of this until now, so I thought I’d look it up myself. Although TechnoBear already posted some links, you might find this helpful:

Seems to be something one has to really research to help.

Only Google can decide whether a page is shown in serps as a Rich Snippet, it’s not the choice of you or your client.
You can try to influence Google decision by adding the appropriate structured data to the page, but that is still no guarantee that users will see Rich Snippets.

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