How to use MySQL from EasyPHP?

I’ve used ASP+IIS+Access to create a db driven site inthe past and I’m pretty excited about using PHP+MySQL.

I’ve got Kevins tutorial but I’ve set up EasyPHP so I can develop things at home.

PHP works, that is php tags work and I can echo stuff, but I can’t get to a MySQL command line prompt.

I’ve tried running msql/bin/mysql.exe and msql/bin/mysqladmin.exe but a does window opens momentarily and the closes.

From Kevin’s tut it looks like MySQL is similar to Oracle, which I have experience of, so I’m pretty geared up to test some stuff and start developing the site (the storyboard and the database relations are all designed) but I can’t get into MySQL!!!


Now here’s where Kev’s Command prompt article (that everyone unfairly slated :() is perfect!

Check this out:

to manage your mysql dbase on Easyphp.

run Esyphp.
type - http://localhost/mysql/index.php in browser address bar.

there’s myphpadmin installed to manage your mysql database.
from there you can delete/create/addtable/add database…

  • wish that could help.