How to use LINQ in


I am new to
I am working on an C# (framwork 4.0) website. I want to use LINQ instead of SQL.

What I need to do in order to start using LINQ queries instead of standard sql.

You just need to add the Linq2Sql reference to your project. But you can also take a look at PLINQO templates if you use CodeSmith to generate your classes

I would recommend you look into Entity Framework. Use Nuget to add the required references to your project. With EF you do not need to write SQL - you can write queries using LINQ.

I can definitely recommend Entity Framework. I used to be a straight-up stored procedure guy, but it’s made working with db data so much nicer.

You’ll need to establish an ORM system in your application in order to map your classes to database tables. Most people use Entity Framework.

Here are simple example of linq