How to use javascript to improve the website.?

i want to know that how to use JavaScript and j query in a website to improve its view and its designing.

Currently Java script become more popular, You can use it into menu bar and image slider, jQuery use to controlling a list of items in horizontal or vertical order, you can add rating feature in your website. Hence there are several part in website where you can Java script or jquery to make it more attractive and user friendly.

While JS is indeed growing in popularity, keep in mind that it will slow down the overall load time of your web page, which affects both bounce rate and website popularity.

With the JavaScript all correctly attached just before the </body> tag none of your visitors will notice that the page takes longer to load though as the part they actually see will not take any longer to load than it did before adding the JavaScript. It iis only when people attach the script in the wrong place in the HTML that it slows the loading of the rest of the page.

Actually, this is not completely accurate. Regardless where you place your JavaScript code, processing the script DOES take time. And while you may not notice a difference on a newer computer with a quad core processor or better, most people still use dual cores and older computers and the difference in load time, depending on how much JavaScript you include could be anywhere from half a second to 7 or more seconds.

One of the responsibilities of my job is managing the company website. Weekly, I review the site’s stats and determine such things as page load time, website traffic, bounce rate and the like. When there is a increase in bounce rate or load time, I have to determine why. If daily page views (which average around 30k) go down, I have to find the problem and fix it. Almost everytime, the problem has to do with slower than usual page load time. Typically, a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load will lose traffic. Slow load time results in higher bounce rate, which for an online business can be very bad.

While there are many possible causes for a slowly loading web page (large images and flash being the biggest culprits), a major contributor has always been excessive use of JavaScript. Even moderate use of JavaScript can slow the load time by 2 or 3 seconds. What I’m saying here can easily be verified by a general Google search of “JavaScript and SEO”. The problem with this is that in general, a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load will usually lose traffic.

I never said that the script doesn’t take time to download. What I said is that everything that the visitor sees downloads as quickly as if the JavaScript were not there so that they can start interacting with the page just as quickly as without the JavaScript. The JavaScript downloads after it looks like the page is complete.

So what I said is accurate and applies regardless of the processor used or the connection speed or anything else. The visitor perceives the page to have downloaded as quickly as if the JavaScript were not there and can start working with the page as if it had finished downloading even before the JavaScript itself even starts to download. All that will happen once the JavaScript has downloaded is that the JavaScript will be able to run to make their experience better than it was when they first started interacting with the page (assuming the script is properly written).

For example, let’s say that a given page takes 5 seconds to download without the JavaScript and 15 seconds to download with the JavaScript. With the JavaScript anywhere other than the bottom of the page visitors with JavaScript enabled have to wait 15 seconds for the page to appear to have loaded. With the script attached at the bottom the page appears to have loaded after 5 seconds and they can spend the next 10 seconds starting to actually read what is on the page while the JavaScript downloads.

Actual page load time is important but not as important as perceived page load time. It is less important if the page takes 15 seconds to download when it is perceived as having loaded in 5 seconds than it is if it is perceived as having taken three times as long to load though having attached the JavaScript in the wrong place.

Also if the same JavaScript is used in multiple pages then it doesn’t take any time on the second and subsequent pages as it will have downloaded while the visitor is reading the first page. So even if they only spend 10 seconds on the first page working out which page to go to next the JavaScript will have downloaded by then and will not add to the download time for the second page that uses it.

PERVEIVED load time is far more important than actual download time. If it were not then there would be no point in ajax scripts that continue adding to the bottom of the current page where the actual download time for the page is theoretically infinite.

Perceived load time and actual load time, for all practical purposes, are the same thing. Just because the page may be VISIBLE does not make usability pleasant or quick. Anyone who’s ever gone to a website that takes 15 seconds to finish downloading content knows exactly what I’m talking about. The functionality of the page is drastically affected and things like even scrolling down the page can be very frustrating.

When Facebook first started adding all their on-page apps, many people had problems with the site. While visibility may not have been affected, their ability to actually interact with the page was stifled and as people stopped using Facebook, they were forced to address the issue. With better software and app development standards, Facebook was able to generate quicker load time on their site, improving usability and popularity.

The bottom line is this, the more scripts that are added to a web page, regardless where they are placed, the more unpleasant visitor experience will be.

thanks for your Reply but i now i want to ask that How to imlement the Javascript’s based jQuery Hover Sub Tag Cloud to make a website more better. It is a simple piece of Javascript that helps in adding a nice, subtle touch to tag clouds. Can anyone tell me how to apply that.

Javascript is one of the best scripting language which is usually used for improving the design of a website. At the same time it can enhance the power of a website. jquary is one nothing but one kind of converted javascript i think. We use those for creating slider, menubar, Dropdown-menu. We can also use javascript for security like creating alert or registration form and many more. There are a lot of back-end developer who prefer to use php with javascript creating their web application…

I presume you are talking about a jQuery plugin.
If so, can you provide a link to the plugin’s home page.

HEy try to use compressed java scripts in web page coding, because more coding makes web page heavy.

Javascript can be used in many ways. For example you may create an awesome menu with the help of javascript or create an impressive popup. Also javascript can be used in many other ways. you may search some javascript tutorials over Google.