How to use/deploy referral marketing for web design business

The question may appear much complex so for the sake of simplicity I am giving you an example of Godaddy: It gives you script so you can install it at your website. When any transaction is made through your website (A visitor clicks on that and purchase service) they pay you. See Image -
I have some basic concerns, I think you guys will resolve my queries

  • I am in web development business, a conversion is usually mannual which occurs after lots of communication, will it work in this case
  • Should I pay for lead or for conversion
  • Can this process be outsourced? If yes who are the guys can help me
  • Should I create different landing pages (as the user clicks on banner installed at third parties and routed to our website) or should land at home page
  • What is success rate of such kind of referral programs
  • How much should I pay for lead or for conversion
  • Does it have any negative impact on SEO

I am completely blank about referral program, looking for suggestions and ways to implement it

A couple of areas you might want to check out:

  • see if you can design something for themeforest that will make sales for you. You get most of the money, and they get a commission.
  • you might also be able to get someone on a place like odesk to bid on job for you, and you can pay them a commission for landing the project. Note, you can refuse the job after being hired if it was not a good match.