How to use Arial Bold?

What is the CSS code for Arial Bold? I use the following code but it didn’t work.

font-family: 'Arial Bold', sans-serif;

I do not think there is an “Arial Bold”, have you tried “Arial Black”?


BTW, I’m using this font family on a 12px font. Is it the font size that makes it being no difference between Arial Regular? If I use this font family on a 14px font, it will work.

Yes, there is an ‘Arial Bold’.

Is this what you’re looking for?

.boldtext { font: bold 1em Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }

Also, depending on what your code looks like it may not be working because of a conflicting style.

Let us assume you have a font installed on your system called exactly ‘Arial Bold’ and no derivative names like: “Arial Rounded MT Bold” it should work if you use similar to the following:

body { font-family: “Arial Bold”, sans-serif; }

Now, the best way to check these things is to keep everything simple before playing with other values only use the bare minimum needed to test the text.

I thing the problem is that “Arial Bold” has an intermediate weight (not “700”) and Firefox and IE basically only show bold or normal and nothing in-between. Safari shows “Arial Bold” as somewhere between “Arial” and Arial with a font-weight of bold.

Therefore “Arial Bold” just shows as Arial on all but webkit browsers as fas as I can tell.

There’s some more information here.

Thank everybody. I think it is the issue of font size.

Not on my system its isn’t :slight_smile: Changing the font size makes no difference in firefox or IE for “arial bold” - it still displays the same as Arial.

However on some fonts a small font size will not be rendered in bold until the font is large enough but this doesn’t seem to be the issue here and is likely to vary on systems anyway.

Unless there’s something defective in the font itself, it cannot be an issue of font size. There is indeed an “Arial Bold”, but it’s not a font most users have on their machines. Many Windows machines have the font Robert cited above as well as “Arial Narrow Bold.”

I was under the impression that Windows (upon finding cases of Bold or Italic variants of typefaces) simply ignore references to them but upon triggering bold or italic go to the variant typeface in preference to the conventional one. As such if you just had Arial Regular, upon making the text bold it would simulate the bold styling using Arial itself, but if Arial Bold existed it would use the variant in place of simulating bold within Arial. Thereby allowing foundries to create specific typefaces based on events like italics to have greater control over the visual result. It would make sense as Windows 7 stacks “Arial Bold” (on my system) within Arial itself and in applications like Word, it simply lists Arial (Not Arial Bold, Arial Bold Italic or Arial Italic) even though Arial Black (contained in Arial) is listed independently. :slight_smile: