How to use a vector graphic?

Do you create the vector in illustrator and save it as a .jpg or .png and then open in Photshop later? But anytime you have to resize it you have to use the Illustrator file to make keep the quality?

Generally, yes. I try to work from the original source artwork whenever I can. Anytime you are ENLARGING an image, this is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. However when reducing the size of an image it won’t matter as much and when reducing and image from non-lossy file types like GIF or PNG, you can skip working from the vector art work with no noticeable loss in quality.

Additionally, its important to note that JPG compression errors are cumulative. Even if you dont resize… simply re saving back and forth will degrade your image quality.

When you find it let me know, the only cheep way I found to do it is to take it to kinkos and have it done there or have them transfer to disk for me. GL!!!

Normally you will have the ability to export as png and jpg. As stated before I’d stick to a single output if possible.