How to use a script

I am just curious. , when u use a script, do u just upload the script file on server and u get a website made?

I know joomla and Wordpress, can I make website using a script. I would like to have hotel booking script.

Is my thinking right? I have no idea how scripts work?

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If you have Firefox and Greasemonkey, then you can find scripts either by browsing them or searching for them using this page:-

If you have already found a script that you want to use but don’t know how to use it, then try reading the description on the script page. If this still doesn’t clear things up for you, then I suggest that you post a comment on that script asking the author for guidance before coming and asking such an incredibly broad question on the forums.
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[FONT=Verdana]That’s a way of adding scripts to your browser, to run locally on your machine, not to run on a server as the OP asked.

Generally speaking, you will need to build a site - either hand coding it or using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla! - and then integrate the script with it. The details will vary from script to script. You will often find you can install scripts via the control panel for your hosting.

Do you have a particular script in mind which you would like to use, or are you still looking for something suitable?


To do something like bookings, you are going to want a back end script—such as something written in PHP. Scripts come in many different flavors, from JavaScript instructions to the browser to server side scripts that do things on the server like collect, store and retrieve data.

You would normally have to install the script on your server. So upload everything in the script files to your server then put this path or similar in to your browser hope that helps.