How to upload simple audio flash player?

I want to upload a simple (free if possible) flash player to play short audio clips. I never uploaded audio before, so would appreciate step by step help. Thanks.

You would FTP them to the server like any other file. Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you are asking? :blush:

well, I tried to follow the steps in this link

I know the procedure for uploading and I have the code for this file audio-player.js

But I CAN’T find the code for the player.swf file. I (innocently) uploaded the file name player.swf to the server but later thought there should be some code in that file, like there is in the audio-player.js file. I tried following the steps and downloaded the flash player “Audio Player 2.0” but after unzipping with Zip Genius, I couldnt see any code for player.swf. Maybe I’m missing something?

All the code for the .swf file should already be included within it. You just need to upload both files and an .mp3 file to a folder on your server named “audio”.

Then in the embed code alter the URLs to match your domain name and paste it where you want it to appear within your layout. :slight_smile:

so do you mean just create a new file in the FTP, name it player.swf and upload it? This is what I did originally…and I didnt see any player appearing…so then I thought a file name on its own is no good unless it contains some code…

No, you have to download the .swf and javascript files from that site and then upload both of those and an .mp3 file to a folder named audio on your server.

In that file there are a few files, you need player.swf and audio-player.js (delete the others)

ok…when I download those 5 or 6 files, they are downloaded by zipGenius, and when I try to extract the 2 specific files, I hget the message : “unable to write to C documents …zipGenius” I even tried drag and drop directly to ftp folder…nothing.

Not sure, maybe it’s a setting within zipGenius. I had no issues with the .zip file on my machine.

ah…can you suggest a free unzip program that works better?

Yes, try out 7-zip :slight_smile:

ok I tried 7 zip. The folder gets unzipped - then I have the various files. My major problem is how do I get the player.swf and audio-player.js files into the ftp. Drag and drop doesnt work…

Not sure what FTP app you are using (i use FileZilla) but most have 2 columns the one on the left is the local directory and the one on the right is the server.

Using the left panel browse to where you have these files on your hard drive and then upload them, they will appear in the right column. :slight_smile:

I use FireFTP, and finally I got both files uploaded!

My problem was that I was trying to upload the file from OUTSIDE the FTP program - I know its silly…anyway, thanks for your help!

No problem. glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:

just one other thing:

I want to play maybe 25 different audio clips on the same page, so that when a user click on a specific word, they can hear a very short clip. Is there a way to avoid having to repeat the player.swf image for each clip? I think it would also help faster page loading. Or maybe use a link word which would activate the player, instead of the actual player image?