How to upload CSS, PHP and related files into Wordpress?

Thank you. New to CMS and wordpress and I have have a buch of files my boss wants me to upload into Wordpress to recover an old website. How can I accomplish this?



Hi roofingsolutionswebm welcome to the forum

Wouldn’t it be easiest to simply upload files using your FTP app?

I feel you could be heading towards a slippery slope:
Are the Wordpress versions the same - they probably won’t be if the site is being kept up to date with the latest Wordpress releases
Are those files already on the site?

Wordpress is driven by a database backend and you can not just upload random files as they will need linking etc.

I would recreate the pages within the Wordpress admin section. It should not take to long if you are only adding some contact details etc. The colour chart page could be a bit harder.


Yes, Your Html need to be in PHB file extension But It is to done essay. You can create CSS folder and add your CSS file so you have proper file structure.

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Can you clarify, please, whether the old files are from another Wordpress site, or from a static site?