How to update published posts on my home page?


I need help in publishing posts using wordpress in my domain. I have already set up wordpress blog running as, and the blog directory in my domain root directory contains all the wordpress core files. The homepage index.html is in the root directory of my domain

Now I need myself and the users to login to my blog
( and publish posts, so that it should be updated directly in my homepage index.html ( This is similar to FTP publishing through blogger site (

Can anyone please guide me over here ? Thanks

Don’t worry, WP is great. Once you get over this, you’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.

For PHP to run on a page, the page file needs to have a .php extension, instead of .html. (Well, there is a way around that, but I doubt you need it.)

So, if your home page is a .html page, duplicate it and call the duplicate index.php and upload it. Then delete index.html from the server so that only index.php is active. Then go to your domain ( and see if that fixes things.

Hi Ralph / All

It still didn’t work as in the below link


Please note that my homepage contains only XHTML code, and not PHP code. so is it because when I embed the required PHP code in the XHTML code, I am not able to see any published posts in my homepage ?. I am asking this because I do not know PHP, and if there is any other alternate solution available from wordpress, please anyone let me know.

Of course, it would be bother for me to re-create my site as an wordpress site, and I don’t want to go that way.

I would also welcome, if anyone can please confirm that wordpress cannot able to provide solution to my answer, so that I can go for other tools and close this thread .

I have wasted enough time with blogger, and now with wordpress ! :mad:

It is probably better to set up the whole site in wordpress so that you have the options to use blog entries (or sections of entries) on any page you want. I would agree with ralph.m’s suggestion. That way you can designate the front page a static page (through the admin dashboard) or create a special loop that would designate what posts get sent to the front page (by category, author, etc). Let me know if this makes sense. What is the domain name and what posts do you want on the front page? All of them or specific posts?

Thanks for all of your reply !

I could like to share the below tutorial from forums . May be this could help us.


Maybe you could show your blogs RSS feed in your home page? That could display the latest post (or excerpt of it).

Hi Ralph,

I need to follow up with that tutorial posted in that link and then shall let know the results after sometime. Bye :slight_smile:

Hmm, looks like WP has moved on quite a bit since I last played with it. :slight_smile: I take back my earlier comments. Has this link answered your questions?

I haven’t used WP in a while, but my understanding is that to do what you want, wordPress should be in your root directory, not in a sub directory. Otherwise, you can only see posts on

If you are at an early stage with this, reload the WP files in the root directory.

Hi Ralph / All,

It’s working wonderfully now !. I am now able to see all the published posts in my site after changing the index.html to index.php as Ralph suggested. Thank you very much, Ralph ! :slight_smile: and also to others who have taken their time to post replies to this thread

I think this thread can be closed now !

Thanks again,

I agree with ralph.m again, change the extension to php. Make sure that the path to the header file (or at least the header info) is correct so that when you include the loop on the front page to pull in the posts, it knows what functions to use to display your posts.