How to Unfollow someone Facebook?

About two or three weeks ago I sent a friend request to a girl on Facebook.

Now when anyone sends a friend request to someone who allows his/her feeds to be followed without being friends, the person who sent the friend request, automatically becomes a follower of the person to whom he/she has sent the friend request to.

So when I noticed that I was following this person’s feeds without being friends, I unfollowed her.

But for some strange reason, it still shows on my profile that I’m following this person.

So I kindly request members of this forum to please provide their expert advise on what is the solution to this problem.

Awaiting your reply.

P.S. I apologize if my grammar seems bad or if this thread is posted in the wrong category. My assurance to administers of this forum that I have absolutely no intentions of violating any rules of this forum, I just thought that since my query was regarding a problem I’m facing on a social networking site, that ‘Social Media’ would be an appropriate category.

How exactly did you unfollow her? You can do it by entering her profile page, clicking on the “Follow” button and the clicking “Unfollow”. I guess you did it this way. Check out if it still says “Following”.

Well, as soon as I saw her feed on my home wall & noticed that she hadn’t accepted my request, I unfollowed her by hovering my mouse over the ‘Following’ option and then clicked “Unfollow” but yes, it still says “Following” on my profile.

Unfollow her not from the newsfeed, but directly from her profile.

Thanks for your interest & advise kaloyangeorgie…I visited her profile, but the option to unfollow wasn’t available. Then I tried cancelling the friend request and it worked! but after cancelling the request the option that says “Add friend” was no longer available on her profile, I tried adding her the other way i.e through the list of folllowings of a mutual friend, but again, I got added as a follower.
Anyways, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t know her personally, I only sent her the friend request cause I thought she was pretty… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to unfollow a page then it’s too simple just go to that page & simply over the cursor on follow button then under the scroll you can get a unfollow mark…you can simply click on it & unfollow that person or page!!

This is because the time she got your friend request, facebook has a new feature of asking the person about the relation as “Do you know outside of facebook” or something like that, if the person whom you send the request choose No then you wont able to send to him/her friend request again, it means like a blocking feature from facebook. Hope this answers your query.

if you want to unfollow her profile page go to wall page of her you see the button subscribe or follow go your mouse arrow on follow button you see unfollow or unsubcribe option then do that and if you like her fan page so go her page and unlike it

Type your friend name on search box, then unfriend them

The OP already found the solution.
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